Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The 'No-Time' Easy Cook Chicken

This is an extremely easy and yet 'impressive' menu to prepare. Impress your mother-in-law, friends, colleagues with this menu, it's suitable for many occasions whether it's a party or potluck.

Basically all you need is a good oyster sauce, soy sauce and any other-kind-of-sauce for flavour.

For oyster sauce, I use Lee-Kum-Kei premium oyster sauce (and yes, more expensive) cause I find the flavour is much better compared to the normal one.

Ingredients that you need :

(A) For Marination

  • Whole chicken leg
  • Oyster Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Brown Sugar

Marinate all these together, overnight.

(B) Cooking

  • Chopped onion into tiny bits
  • Oyster sauce (again) or replace with other sauce such as BBQ/ Pepper/ Cajun/ Hoisin.
  • Chinese Rice Wine
  • A little of Fish Sauce. 
  • A little of Sesame Oil
  • Baking Paper (to wrap the chicken)

Marinate the chicken with the Marination Sauce for overnight or at least 4 hours.
I usually will pre-prep all my meat in the standard sauce (Oyster sauce, soy sauce & brown sugar) as it's versatile and it can easily match to many recipe.

Cut the baking paper into square shape. 
Here, you can split the chicken and pack 1 piece of chicken into 1 baking paper.

Now, coat the chicken with the chopped onion, sauces and a little of Chinese Rice Wine, fish sauce and sesame oil.To impress your guests further, you can put in different sauce into each pack to create assorted flavoured Paper Wrapped Chicken. Today, I have used 'Original' (which is oyster sauce) and BBQ. 

Wrap up each chicken and ensure there's no loose end as we want the juices to be trap in the wrap.

Pre-heat Airfryer for 5 mins@200°C.
Put in the Paper Wrapped chicken into the AirFryer for 40 mins@180°C

This is how it look when it's done. 
Use a stewer to poke into the bone, it's cook if there's no bloody juice flow out.

Wrapping in baking paper will capture the juice.

Viola! Now, bring it to your guests.
Isn't it easy? If you don't have a airfryer, you may use an oven also. 

As you can see, I only cook 2 small piece of chicken, just nice for my husband and my dinner. It's time effective and suitable for small family. 

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